Fintechs are inextricably associated with the modern payment industry. But it’s 2021 and fintechs are showing that they can prove themselves in almost any area of life, not necessarily related to finance. Here is our subjective list of 10 most interesting solutions offered by international fintechs.


Betterment is an investment platform and application for individual clients who are just starting their adventure with investing. Betterment offers not only the possibility of investment, but also substantive support of advisors and modern robo-advisory services, based on the mechanisms of artificial intelligence. Betterment also offers a retirement planning service, targeted savings accounts or financial planning packages.

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Go Henry is a very interesting application dedicated to…children. The payment application and pre-paid card allows children to safely become familiar with financial management, with full parental control. Go Henry informs the caregiver about transactions in real time, and also gives the opportunity to set tasks and duties, the completion of which increases the transaction limit.

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Klarna is a regionalized app that offers a “buy now, pay later” service to the e-commerce marketplace. With the mobile app, customers can shop at Klarna’s partner stores and enjoy 30 days of deferred payments. The stores in the app include some of the biggest e-commerce brands in the world such as: H&M, Sephora, IKEA, Samsung, or Nike.

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MeetCleo is an AI-based financial assistant that supports the user in budget management. The application is dedicated to young people, offering support in building proper spending habits and accumulating savings. MeetCleo also offers the possibility to receive a mini advance against future income, a cashback option and a savings account.

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ZEN.COM is a fintech that debuted its payment card offering online shopping protection in late 2020, in partnership with MasterCard. Today, after just a few months, ZEN is also offering “zenefits” which include an additional one-year guarantee on electronics purchases, instant cashbacks, and the ability to use a multi-currency account and transfer money at no additional cost.

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Remitly is an application that offers convenient, cost-effective and fast international transfers and attractive currency conversions. The tool allows you to track a transfer from the moment it is sent until it is received by the recipient. It is an alternative to traditional foreign currency bank transfers that allows you to send money abroad cheaper and faster than before.

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Robin Hood is a mobile application developed by Robinhood Markets that allows you to trade on the American Stock Exchange without commissions. In Robinhood you can trade stocks, ETFs (exchange traded funds) and cryptocurrencies.

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Fair Place Finance

Fair Place Finance creates a platform for basic financial services such as cards and payments. The solution enables investment clients to offer digital wealth management products that can be easily customized and integrated with partner offerings.

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Salary Finance

This is a very interesting solution that involves offering loans, credit and advances to app users, in partnership with the user’s current employer. The application allows to launch a financial product, the repayment of which is covered by the incoming salary to the account. In addition, the user gets access to their current month’s salary at any time, rather than on their employer’s standard payday.

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