In brief

Project start


Implementation time

5 months

Cloud partner


Territorial range



The aim of INCAT was to implement a comprehensive transaction system capable of full integration with
the investment system.


Wealth Seed - a modern fintech company offering a simple and secure mobile app that
combines a broad investment offer with the function of personal finance.

The Wealth Seed brand is part of Fair Place Finance, whose mission is: We make it easy to invest and manage your personal finances to help everyone build their wealth for financial freedom.

Our story

The founders of the Wealth Seed brand come from the banking sector and together formed mBank - one of the leading retail banks in Poland. Together with the bank's development, a digital revolution was taking place in Polish banking, which bypassed at the same time the investment market. Despite the fact that customers received a lot of amenities (such as free accounts, payment cards and 24/7 remote service), the market still lacked an appropriate offer for people with small financial surpluses. This was the birth of the idea of creating Wealth Seed – a digital platform that allows you to easily manage your personal finances and effectively multiply your personal assets to ensure financial stability.

Solution (scope)

Cloud BOS installation

  • Payment accounts
  • Execution of financial transfers
  • General Ledger


The project is being prepared for commercial launch, the client has the necessary baking licenses and small payment institution status.