In brief

Project start


Implementation time

2018 – payments processing&General Ledger
2020 – full scope

Cloud partner

Private cloud

Territorial range



Our first goal was to launch the system for processing payments and General Ledger. In the next stages, the BOS system was fully implemented.


ZEN is comprehensive financial management solution for dynamic entrepreneurs who need simple and fast banking. ZEN offers a range of financial services, including their ZEN Mastercard® which is a virtual payment card. With ZEN Mastercard®, users can easily manage their finances, including loading their account, making money transfers, and storing multiple currencies in their multi-currency account.
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Our story

The name ZEN, which is an acronym for "zero effort non-bank", is both the company's credo and mission.  The founder of the fintech is Dawid Rożek - co-creator of the internationally successful gaming platform G2A. From the beginning, ZEN’s founder’s purpose was to provide modern, dynamic entrepreneurs with a simple and convenient way to manage finances, omitting burdensome formalities and fees related to the traditional banking offer for companies. ZEN has been designed with the needs of microentrepreneurs and SMEs operating on the Internet in mind.

Solution (scope)

Full BOS system implementation:

  • customer,
  • accounts including authorized and unauthorized limits,
  • cards,
  • transactions,
  • teller,
  • General Ledger etc.


Within a few months of its debut on the commercial market, the client's solution, based on the BOS core system, processes millions of transactions per month and operates on 32 international markets.