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BOS features can elevate your business to a higher level and make your solution unique.

The BOS architecture allows you to define an implementation scope tailored to your business scale. It is time and cost efficient.

The decomposed system architecture enables system scaling in business and technology dimensions. An open API supports expanding functionalities using third-party systems.

The fast implementation process based on proven functionalities will leave your competition behind. The implementation of the best practices and the use of the serverless cloud environment reduce lunching time to a minimum.

Business quick win

Tailored scope of implementation

No matter how the scope of your business is defined, whether it is a specific area or a tailored range of functionality, BOS is ready to launch basic functionality in a very short time and with both minimal financial engagement and implementation team’s effort. It will give you quick business results and will prove processes at an early stage.

Implementation method

You have a business idea, but you have not yet specified the detailed requirements? The BOS launch methodology allows you to start the implementation process while determining only the basic scope. We will specify the details together with your team in subsequent project sprints as a part of the system configuration and integration.

Full functional scope coverage

Are you planning to launch the full functionality corresponding to the scope of the universal bank? BOS supports an easy addition of functions and thanks to its open architecture it allows for a quick integration with external services supporting complex products and processes at every stage of the BOS introduction and operation.


Business decomposition

Thanks to the distributed microservice architecture, BOS allows for the full separation of its functions. That creates the possibility of selecting BOS functional components that suit your current needs. Your growing business will be constantly supported by available and newly created system modules. We can connect to external services supporting your business at any time.

Easy and open integration

The microservice architecture and open API mechanisms allow for an easy integration of external solutions that can develop your unique business ideas. The implementation of third-party systems does not necessarily involve the BOS development, but our team will be ready to support your tasks as soon as you assess them as required.


BOS provides full technological scalability thanks to the use of the microservice architecture. Depending on the current or future needs of your business, you can freely scale the load on individual functions or processes for adequate support of your activities. You will monitor the system status and its load and scale the available resources.


Sandbox implementation model

Do you want to verify your business idea for a new innovative financial product? Do you want to verify it on a chosen group of clients without having to run a full deployment process? BOS supports a rapid introduction of products for specific target groups. This enables a quick and verifiable assessment of the expediency of fully implementing a new business idea.

Low initial investment

Are you starting or developing your financial business and do not want to invest too much in IT solutions at the start? Our cooperation model assumes the limitation of startup costs and distributes outlays for subsequent periods of cooperation. You pay for what you use and for how long you use it. The cost of a system lunch and usage depend on the functional scope, the size of your business and the time of cooperation.

Cloud ready

The system is ready to run on any platform, regardless of whether it is an on-premise installation or one of the world’s leading cloud solutions. The BOS implementation in public or dedicated private clouds allows you to allocate resources to support your business without significant financial investment and your IT team’s involvement.

Implementation and Support

The BOS implementation methodology is based on an agile approach. This includes gathering your requirements and transferring them to the system configuration and integration. We will support your ideas and expectations at every stage of the process.

The developed methodology for the system implementation focuses on obtaining fully functional elements of the solution in the shortest time possible. We start together with your project team by describing the definition of business requirements and defining the functional and technological scope of the project.

When starting the project, we just need your general vision of the solution to launch the system. In the next sprints, we will jointly specify details of your business and how it will be addressed in BOS. You can count on our experience in approaching the implementation of financial products and processes.

After the implementation, BOS System and your business functionality are under our care every hour and every day of the year. Our specialists are ready to solve any problems related to our system and clarify any doubts that may arise during the operation.


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