After many months of hard work, we can finally boast: BOS 1.9 is now available to our customers. While developing the new version of our system, we focused on updating key functionalities and creating solutions valuable from a business perspective. See what we have achieved!

New user-friendly interface

While working on version 1.9, we focused on developing the BOS interface in terms of UX and UI. Our goal was to create a user-friendly space where settings can be quickly and intuitively parameterized and configured to meet the individual requirements of a financial institution. We also managed to develop the possibility of full visual customization of the system, in accordance with the branding and color scheme of the client who uses BOS. This makes it possible to visually unify the client’s external interface with the back-office, the role of which is performed by BOS.

Processes and functionality development

Event manager enables efficient and seamless process modeling and event management of the entire system from the level of a single interface. In version 1.9, we applied the event manager functionalities to the process of handling transactions, as a result giving customers the possibility of flexible handling of complex processes and creating advanced choreography of complicated events in the system. We have also developed processes of advanced transaction tagging, allowing to efficiently identify, filter and order transactions according to the adopted parameters. In version 1.9, we introduced expanded support for online and recurring commission tables, as well as a subscription plan mechanism. We have also optimized the process of funds management when handling payment orders.

New comprehensive microservices

Anti-fraud module

We extended the system with advanced anti-fraud and KYC modules, increasing the control of transactions and significantly reducing the risk of fraud. Anti-fraud tools are based on mechanisms of Machine Learning and AI, which allows for advanced and automatic analysis of user behavior, and as a result, identification and control of unwanted actions.


Customer Relation Sets is a microservice that gives our customers the ability to connect users into structured groups, with different levels of access to accounts and assets. Each customer can create their own access patterns and user groups, such as family, company, class, for example. Each group can be given different settings regarding members, fees, or linking multiple accounts together. In version 1.9 we have extended the CRS module with a number of possibilities: levels of access to company accounts, various types of groups, roles in a group and multi-level relationships between account users.


Cashback is a completely universal tool for creating loyalty programs, allowing you to offer system users discounts in the form of a refund of part of the purchase amount. In the BOS 1.9 version we extend the scope of loyalty programs with card transactions and purchases in online stores.