The Freedom of Choice

Outstanding functionality

Our approach to technology is summed up in 3 simple words: Flexibility comes first.

We designed BOS in a clever way so you can take from the system ONLY what you need when you need it (and pay for it).

Choose from 4 available business lines (always BOS Core + business line, e.g. BS + Payments)
and create unrivalled financial products.  And as your company grows, just select another line of business. Easy peasy.

BOS Core

  • CIF (Customer Information File)
  • Teller (transaction editor)
  • Interest
  • Authorization
  • Limits monitoring
  • Customer restriction definition
  • Event Manager (event process definition)


  • Cards payments' handling
  • Payment accounts
  • Virtual accounts
  • Mirror accounts

Fees & Commissions

  • Fee codes
  • Price list definition
  • Price list affiliation
  • Subscription plan definition


  • Current account definition
  • Overdraft limit management


  • Savings accounts
  • Term deposits


  • Revolving credits
  • Microloans (instalment products linked to customer transactions)
  • Cash loans
  • BNPL

General Ledger

  • Chard of account definition
  • Accountant
  • Transaction code definition

Complementary services

  • CIS (Customer Information System) - – full customer file
  • CRS (Customer Relation Sets) - customer relationships
  • Payment Gateway - payment hub: SEPA, SWIFT
  • Statements -
  • defining and generating daily and periodic statements
  • General Ledger/Sub Ledger

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