1. Company size
    0-9 employees10-49 employees50-249 employeesabove 250 employees

    2. Business form
    civil partnershiplimited liability companyjoint-stock companysole proprietorship

    3. How long has the company been on the market?
    0-2 years3-5 years6-8 years9-11 years12–14 yearsabove 14 years

    3. Target market

    Main challenges

    1. What was the biggest challenge when starting your business?
    Implementation of appropriate technological solutionsSecuring fundingBusiness model developmentObtaining regulator approvalsAdapting to regulationsIntegration implementationOther

    2. How long did it take from the business idea to market launch?
    less than a year1-2 years2-4 yearsmore than 4 years

    Licensing process

    1. How do you rate the process of obtaining a fintech business license?
    - Process intuitiveness (on a scale of 1-4)
    - Process speed (on a scale of 1-4)
    - Access to information (on a scale of 1-4)
    - Technical support (on a scale of 1-4)

    Collaboration with banks

    1. Does your organization have a business or technological partnership with banks? yesno

    2. If yes, which area does it concern? Implementation of modern paymentsImplementation of new technologiesBuilding customer relationsProduct/service in white labeling modelAutomationMarketing cooperationMembership in banking development acceleratorOther

    Business advantages

    1. In which area do you see your advantage over direct competition?
    Business ideaUse of innovative solutionModern technologiesExternal partnerships

    2. What modern technologies are available in your solutions or services? Cloud solutionsBig dataBlockchainMicroservicesChatbotsAI/Machine LearningOther

    Business funding

    1. Have you used external funding to start your business? YesNo

    2. If yes, what type? EU supportBank partnershipsInvestment fundsCrowdfundingBusiness angelsOther

    Initiatives of the local regulator

    1. What actions from your local regulator do you think are missing on the market?
    Credible information provisionInitiatives for protecting fintech projects' interestsTraining for fintech entrepreneursFintech funding opportunitiesWide promotion of regulator servicesOther

    Development of fintech projects

    1. Which fintech areas will develop the fastest in the coming years?
    Modern paymentsBanking as a Service’solutionsInsurtech projectsEmbedded financeRegtechOther

    2. Which countries in the EU provide, the most favorable conditions for the development of fintech projects?
    United KingdomLithuaniaGermanyPolandLuxembourgSwedenFranceCyprusNetherlandsRomaniaBulgariaOther

    3. What factors determine that fintech in selected countries are developing the fastest?
    Rapid development of the financial sectorAvailability of highly qualified specialistsDevelopment of a fintech-friendly regulatory environmentCustomer openness to innovations.