What is the BNPL?

The BNPL module is part of the ‘Lending’ business line in BOS system. It allows a customer to pay off the cost of a good or service in multiple installments at later dates.

  • Deferment of payments within the framework granted by the bank limit
  • Deferred payments may concern current and previously made purchases
  • The financial institution can define the types of operations subject to deferment, e.g. by card debit card, BLIK etc.
BNPL benefits


  • Payment deferred for the indicated period
  • Possible to distribute installment payments
  • One time scoring with the possibility of multiple schedule of purchases in installments
  • Increase safety internet shopping


  • Introducing a new product line without interference in the current architecture of the bank
  • Increase the package payment services
BNPL basic functions
  • Ability to manage payment terms within the set limit debt
  • Possibility of dividing purchases into installments
  • Possibility of dividing the group of purchases into installments
  • Debt limit management in the revolving loan model with control payment terms, payment limits etc.
  • Creating payment schedules and managing deadlines deferred payments
  • Management of commissions and interest
  • Service of payment calendars (annuity, real calendar)
  • Repayment service (directly or through dedicated accounts)
  • Possibility of linking with card accounts and cards
  • Handling overdue payments
  • Accounting services for transactions and reclassifications

Limits management

The BOS system offers limit management functionality in the loan model revolving account for which you can define operating parameters.

Prediction of loan repayment based on current debt and transaction dates.

Ability to define the frequency of repayments.

Possibility of postponing the maturity of an installment by a predefined number days.

Possibility of linking fees and commissions with installment repayment dates

Full service of the loan in terms of handling delays in payments, reclassification, accrual of interest and commissions for irregular payments.

Soft collection support

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