We’ve made a subjective list of the 12 best podcasts in the fintech world. In selected podcasts, specialists and experts share their knowledge and opinion on topics related to the FinTech industry. It is a mine of information and inspiration for people who want to start their adventure with the world of finance and banking, but also for those who want to be up-to-date with the dynamics and novelties of the FinTech world.



Around the coin – Fintech Podcast

Around The Coin is an award-winning podcast discussing current trends in the FinTech and financial industries. Podcast hosts Faisal Khan, Mike Townsend and Brian Roemmele discuss what’s new in the world of payments and financial technology in their weekly podcast.


Bank on IT by John Syracusa

Each week, program host John Siracusa talks to FinTech leaders and entrepreneurs, uncovering the inspiring stories behind each of them. New podcast episodes are broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday mornings.


Breaking Banks

Brett King, author of Breaking Banks, is a character well known in fintech’s lobby – author of several books, fintech commentator and a great podcaster. He invites famous guests from the FinTech world to his podcast – startup founders, innovators and financiers, with whom he comments on the most important events in the financial industry.


Fintech Insider by 11:FS

Fintech Insider, by the team from 11: FS, is a bi-weekly podcast devoted to fintechs, banking, technology and financial services. Charismatic hosts: David Brear, Simon Taylor, Jason Bates, Sarah Kocianski and Ross Gallagher, along with guests, comment on the latest news, achievements and trends in the financial industry.


For Fintech’s sake

Fintech’s Sake is a broad look at the world of FinTechs. Host Zach Anderson Pettet discusses the events of the borderline between finance and technology from the perspective of founders, investors and regulators.


Fintech Impact

The Fintech Impact podcast is an exploration of the FinTech world in which the author, Jason Pereira interviews entrepreneurs about their history, what they do and how they impact consumers, operators, legislation and the industry as a whole.


What the Fintech by Fintech Futures

Podcast by Fintech Futures editor Alex Hamilton. In biweekly episodes, Alex discusses popular topics in the financial industry, and his guests share useful insights and often strong opinions about the fintech world.


Fintech Beat Podcast

Fintech Beat is a podcast with a mix of finance, technology, politics and law. Each episode tells about the latest trends, changes and new regulations in the field of financial technology. The podcast host is Chris Brummer, a Georgetown law professor and a world-renowned financial technology expert.


Fintech Newcast

Fintech Newscast is a loose and humorous panel of the latest FinTech news, commented on by finance and technology specialists. The lecturers look at all aspects of the development of the FinTech industry, with particular emphasis on the topics of payments, capital markets, blockchain and loans.


Voice of Fintech

Voice of FinTech is a podcast of Rudolf Falat, a corporate finance specialist with extensive experience in financial services. Rudolf is a FinTech and technology enthusiast, startup mentor, advisor, business angel and executive education trainer. The weekly podcast follows the formula of interviews with Fintech developers and key players in the global financial ecosystem.


Fintech Focus

Andy Goldstein and Laura Sewell of technology company CSI discuss the latest FinTech and RegTech topics with bank executives, industry experts and opinion leaders.


Naked by the Future Farm

Vladia and Nektarios from The Future Farm in “naked” conversations with company founders, investors and other players in the financial world about the challenges faced by entrepreneurs building a business in the financial industry, as well as about the difficulties and personal stories that inspire everyone who finds themselves at the beginning of this uneasy fintech path.


Fintech and Web3 Founders Series Podcast by CFTE

Fintech and Web3 Founders Series is a weekly podcast series by CFTE dedicated to hearing the untold stories of passionate fintech entrepreneurs, and leaders who are shaping the decentralized world of Web3. The podcast is hosted by experts including Ronit Ghose, the Global Head of Banking at Citi Global Insights and Gaurav Dhar, the fintech partners of Marshal & MENA Fintech Association Board members. With outstanding guests from Binance, Polygon, Chipper Cash, Fiat Republic, and many more, CFTE hosts discuss how to be an entrepreneur, the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the Fintech and Web3 industry.